Demo Reel Herramienta Digital Demo Reel

Different jobs and projects grouped in a single master piece. Video editing and motion graphics made with Final Cut, Premiere, Motion and After Effects.

Cristina & Jose. Highlights

When two persons love each other so much everything flows. Here we have the highlights of Cris & Jose in Son Berga.

Karen & Marvin. Highlights

Wedding highlights of Marvin and Karen in a dream location, Son Fangar in Campanet.

Inga & Toni. Coming soon

Trailer of Inga and Toni wedding film. A love story that breaks the borders.

Ser Mejor - Júlia i Guiem. Video clip for children

The youngest are leading this video clip. They sing and dance a song of their favourite artist.

Barcelona Beer Festival 2013. Promo

Teaser of the Barcelona craft beer festival.

Wedding movie End credits. End credits

Ending of wedding movie celebrated in Son Togores. The groom were sure about their favourite film director and we paid tribute to them.

Kennel&Schmenger Autumn/Winter 2012. The making of photoshooting

The german shoes brand Kennel&Schmenger presented us their new collection for the winter of 2012 in Hotel Maricel.

How to make homemade olive oil. Demonstrative video

Demonstrative video of the whole procedure to make quality homemade olive oil, from the collection to the tasting. Will have you licking your fingers!

Guiem&Elisa. Coming soon

Wedding film trailer of the wedding of guillem & Elisa. A short advancement of this important day in their lives.

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